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Let's plan your research today

1. Consultation

2. Development

3. Data Collection

4. Publish & Relax

Four Steps to Running a VR Research Study

Book a free consultation with us today and we'll lay out all of your VR research options.


We want to see you and your research succeed so in the consultation we'll discuss options ranging from a completely custom simulation to templated environments to 3rd party options.

From there we will put together a quote and help you present it to decision-makers or grant committees!

 Scheduling research participants, collecting data, and visualizing that data takes hours out of your schedule, so what if we told you that was a thing of the past?

At XpertVR we have built the Research Access Portal (RAP), a website for researchers like you to easily run research studies. At the moment RAP gives you access to VR headset owners from around the world who want to participate in your studies (& they get paid to do so). Plus all of their data from the study is automatically sent back to you.


Next year we are adding the ability for you to quickly edit VR environments and drag & drop what data tools you would like to use.

We're the VR Xperts but we understand we're not the Xperts at everything. So, before the development even begins we'll sit down with you, your team and your end-users to really understand your needs. This will also ensure everything we build is accurate to the real world.

Once we begin development you'll receive regular updates (emails & calls) on our progress. The final update allowing you to go through the VR simulation and check for any revisions that need to be made.

With the wide range of data, you can collect on RAP we're sure you'll have everything you need to prove your thesis.

And if you're worried about going through all of that data, stop. Our innovative data visualizations ensure you'll quickly understand your data and be able to draw conclusions.

Our visualizations are in fact so easy to understand that anyone can understand your research findings. Making publishing a paper or writing a report a breeze. 

Supercharge your research!