Our Xperience

LINC Project


XpertVR was tasked with building a VR simulation that highlights the use cases for VR in research. XpertVR developed a retail store in Virtual Reality that demonstrates how researchers can use it to conduct consumer behaviour testing.  

Red Bull

RedBull tasked us with capturing the race from the athletes perspective. To do so XpertVR used a custom 360 camera rig attached to a competitor's helmet, allowing for playback and analysis by the skater. Also attendees  with a smartphone could race the track right alongside the worlds best.

Wine Country Ontario

The Wine Marketing Association of Ontario (WMAO) approached XpertVR to create a 360 video that demonstrates the process of creating ice wine. XpertVR sourced high-quality headsets for WMAO to display our 360 video, which was featured during the Pro Wein 2018 wine conference in Germany. 

CCOVI Sensory Lab 

The Cool Climate Oenology and Viticultural Insititute at Brock University was recently allocated space to build an AR/VR Sensory Lab featuring the latest equipment to conduct consumer behaviour testing.  With XpertVR's support, professors and approved students will be able to use the lab to explore new ways to research.

VR Retail Stores

XpertVR has built virtual retail stores for market research firms to conduct studies using VR eye-tracking. To understand how this can apply to your business contact us today.

VR Classroom

In partnership with Professor Martin Dannahay of Brock University XpertVR developed a Virtual Reality classroom that students & professors will access remotely through VR headsets to engage in class discussions. This will be used to investigate further the learning applications of VR.

Niagara Falls Tourism

XpertVR was given the task to film 360 videos of 4 main attractions that are synonymous with Niagara Falls. Through the use of custom camera rigs, our video was showcased using 6 screens at the world tourism conference in Calgary. NFT 360 website:  https://www.niagarafallstourism.com/vr/

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