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Get the most out of your VR Headset during COVID-19

Everyday life looks a little different now that most North Americans are self-isolating. As people are stuck indoors, there is an opportunity (for those with VR headsets) to enjoy some of the things that can no longer be enjoyed while stuck inside. Below we will cover the best ways we believe you can utilize your VR headset during this pandemic.

1. Getting Your Exercise

No Gym? No Problem! Many VR games provide at least some form of physical interaction, a few, in particular, will leave you sweating after 10 - 15 mins of game play, providing a good way to burn off some excess energy. My favourites include Beat Saber, and The Lab: Longbow

2. Discover Somewhere New

One of the blessings of VR is the ability to travel to destinations that were never possible. Experience wildlife, visit monuments, or head to favourite locations from your past. Some cool experiences I’ve found for these include NationalGeographic VR, and Wander

3. Meditation

Again, VR allows you to escape to new places. Some apps are incorporating meditation practices into VR scenes to create a more immersive experience for the user. I find it a great way to shut the rest of the world out and settle into a relaxing mood. One app we have tested, Healium has a full VR kit to get you started on a variety of mental health tools.

4. Chatting with Friends/Meeting New People

The biggest advantage in my opinion, and what I believe will encourage the growth of VR is using it as a communication tool. People can now collaborate/meet/hangout in 3D Environments while interacting with the environment, objects, and other people in real-time. For hanging out with friends and meeting new people I would encourage checking out both Rec Room and VR Chat. Both include large room sizes, and games to play with other players which can be quite fun. For more professional collaboration tools I would suggest checking out spatial.io, which is compatible with many headsets and designed with a professional’s needs in mind.

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