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The Future - 2050

Picture this, you’re living your life 30 years in the future. The world, for the most part, looks the same. You wake up, you take public transit, you go to work, you get packages delivered, you go out with friends and play games, then you come home to relax, head to bed and start all over. Maybe on the weekend, you go on a small vacation. All of this sounds pretty normal but it’s in how you do these things, where you notice the world really has changed a lot.

First, you wake up but not from a noisy alarm and definitely not naturally (we all know you like to sleep), you woke up because your neuralink has a silent alarm so you don't wake your partner.

What's a neuralink? A neuralink is what Elon Musk is developing with his company Neuralink (https://bit.ly/2MapACg). It is a small device that would essentially connect to your brain giving you the power to control technology and work alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI) using your mind. This will be used for everything from an alarm to turning on the coffee machine in the morning to solving complex problems with AI on your side.

Now you're up and already using your Neuralink to get ready in the morning. It's time to head to work but you probably don't own a car because there are so many other options. First, you could jump on one of the many accessible electric bikes available. But let's say it's raining if you have a phone call and want a private space you could order a self-driving Tesla taxi to pick you up. Or if you want to save some money you can jump in a Boring company shuttle that will move people throughout cities in a matter of minutes. Lastly, you could jump on the Hyperloop because maybe you live in Niagara Falls but work in Montreal because with the Hyperloop you can get to work in under 40 minutes.

You've got to work and you love your job because with the use of AI almost every job has lost the need for humans to do repetitive and tedious tasks. Now the majority of jobs are creatively based. As an architect, you spend all your time designing the look of buildings and AI figures out how to build them. As an indie game designer, you have the ideas for a game and then you tell an AI what to build. As a police officer, you keep people safe and enforce the law but AI does all the paperwork and helps identify crimes. As a teacher, you can create unlimited numbers of lesson plans for each individual student because AI can build games as tools to teach the students so you can spend time one on one with the kids who need it. In almost every job you have all the tools at your fingertips to create anything, your imagination can think up!

Looking around your office there is a lot of greenery and a mixture of fresh vegetables, solar panels and beehives on the roof. The solar panels power the building and all the tech inside. The greenery offers fresh air and food.

When you go to get some fresh honey from the roof a package arrives but it's not delivered by the mailman. A solar-powered drone comes down from the sky and safely delivers your package that you only ordered an hour ago.

The package is a new set of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. These glasses allow you to do everything you would do with a phone or computer today and much more. Because of these glasses, you don't need a TV or really much technology at all. Your AR glasses can create any size TV and allow you to control everything handsfree. They are connected to a 6G network so your glasses are as powerful as the supercomputer they are connected to.

You catch a self-driving taxi to meet with your friends. When you get downtown together you walk into an empty 20 x 40 ft space. You don't need anything other than space as you switch your glasses from AR to Virtual Reality (VR). That morning your friend created a game for everyone to play. The game is comparable to a AAA title today but was created in a day with the assistance of AI.

You go home to relax and spend the rest of the night with your family. Everyone is excited and packing because this weekend you are going on vacation.

When you picture a weekend vacation you might be thinking of the cottage and sometimes yes you jump on the Hyperloop and go to the cottage for the weekend. But not this weekend, this weekend you're going to Rome. Your family isn't superwealthy but the SpaceX travel rockets are as cheap as taking a plane. You take a short ferry ride to the middle of Lake Ontario and get seated in the rocket. The rocket takes off and can take you anywhere in the world in under an hour.

This is just how I (Evan Sitler - XpertVR's Co-Founder) envision the world in 30 years or so (depending on lots of government regulations and safety checks obviously) but I think it's a pretty nice vision. Everyone would be able to live where they want while still being able to work where they want. And most jobs would be so much more fulfilling and based around humans number one skill, creativity.

Would love to hear what you like about this picture of the future and what else you think will change!

Keywords: Augmented Reality, AR, Virtual Reality, VR, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Neuralink, Hyperloop, future, 30 years

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