The Future of Engineering Collaboration

Today there was an announcement that will change the way engineers collaborate on product design and development. Varjo, a major player in the enterprise XR headset market announced a partnership with MeetinVR that will allow new Varjo owners to use their early access platform and collaborate in real-time.

Although there are competitors in the VR collaboration space, this is the first we’ve seen that works with the Varjo XR-1 and can utilize the tools the headset was designed for. Below I will touch on a few points as to why this is crucial for the future of engineering.

High-Quality visualization

Unlike Oculus or HTC Vive, Varjo headsets are able to display very high-quality models that provide real-time reflections and shadows. This makes the visualization of products highly realistic to help make design decisions. Also due to the quality of the headset, hi-res 2D images can be brought into the simulation and viewed in perfect clarity. Now with MeetinVR integration, these VR sessions can be shared between engineers over the network and allow this high-quality visualization to be done together. This saves time as reviews and edits can be done in real-time and eliminate the need to continuously share files back and forth.

XR over VR

As teams are collaborating in VR there is always a need to document what decisions are made, which can be difficult when in VR. Current VR platforms usually only allow for recording sessions and screenshots of what is happening, which can be tedious to sift through the footage, or the VR notes do not fully encompass the takeaways from the session. With Varjo XR-1 and MettinVR, they are extending your current reality, rather than taking you into virtual reality. First is the ability to navigate and use physical objects during an XR collaboration session is very helpful. With this, you have reference to how large objects are relevant to objects in your space. You also are able to utilize pen/paper/computer for note-taking or reference to the project while still in the headset. This creates a faster workflow and reduces the margin for error based on the dimensions of the project.

Although this is in early access, we look forward to testing this platform once it becomes readily available.


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