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The Real Advantage of the Oculus Quest

Watching friends faces light up as they try Virtual Reality for the first time is one of my favourite parts of running a VR company. One of my least favourite parts of VR is the troubleshooting and time it takes to setup VR. We have gotten pretty good at it over the years but it still takes two Xperts 10+ minutes to have an HTC Vive ready to go. That is why I was so excited to finally receive our first Oculus Quest in the mail. Once the Quest was charged it took a few minutes to update and then was ready to go. And even the quick setup that makes sure you are in a safe space is cool as it allows you to see the real world which might sound funny because you’re in VR but it is actually an amazing feature. We were then able to get the hang of the controls pretty quickly but I wondered how easy less experienced people would find it. With the Vive we always have to walk everyone through the controls and people usually have some issues.

But then we put over ten random people in the Quest ranging in age from 16-50+ and without any guidance they all picked it up. For the majority of people I was able to go back to my computer and continue working as they enjoyed VR. Granted we put most people in the Oculus First Steps simulation which shows them the basics as they play with objects and try a few games. But even then people caught on right away and understood that the touch controllers are basically an extension of your hand and in game they react very closely to a real hand.

Oculus Quest Ad
Playing with the Oculus Quest

Going back to the First Steps simulation I think that it was designed perfectly to allow people to catch onto VR quickly and shows the capabilities of the Quest. In the simulation you can throw paper airplanes, juggle blocks and play with a few other toys. Then there is an old style game console that has a fun arcade shooter and dance game. In the dance game you dance alongside a happy stick figure like character and eventually get to interact and spin him around. I have already heard how this small game has brought a smile to many peoples faces as they interact with the funny character. After putting a few people in the simulation they came out with a million ideas of how they could utilize VR for entertainment and business. This is something we have seen before but with the ability to get people in VR in under a minute we will be able to share this experience with so many more.

After the First Steps simulation, you are presented with a few demo games for the Quest. The demo games allow you to box as Adonis Creed, fight drones in space, play Beat Saber (one of the most popular VR games at the moment) and much more. Now that I have played most of these games on the Quest as well as playing the full version of Robo Recall I can say that the quality for the simpler games is close to that of the original Vive or Rift but without any of the hassles. As for some of the more complicated games there is a small downgrade in quality but it is hardly noticeable. We can’t wait to start showing our own simulations in this headset so if you see us at a conference just ask to see or play a game because chances are the Quest is nearby!

A guy trying standalone virtual reality for the first time
Bailey (a friend of XpertVR) trying the Oculus Quest for the first time.

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