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VR for Training

As Xpert’s we understand how difficult it can be to be a trainer and not have the tools you need to teach. How do you give your students hands-on experience when no one can enter the classroom? How do you ensure students receive enough practice when resources are limited? Most importantly, how do you know when a student is actually ready to enter the real world?

This is where XpertVR’s custom training simulations come in.


  1. Remote access to hands-on training

  2. Realistic, without the waste of resources

  3. Analytics to ensure your students are confident and performing at their best


Check out some of the in-house tools we have created to make your training easier

1. Randomization

How do you prepare for every on-the-job scenario? You may say it’s impossible. But not when we pair your industry experts and our randomization system. Together, students can now experience unique scenarios every time they train. This ensures students are as prepared for the day-to-day tasks as they are for the once-in-a-lifetime scenarios.

2. Sequenced Events


In the real world actions have consequences so shouldn’t the same be true for virtual scenarios? With our sequenced events system, every action has a consequence. Whether the consequence is a subtle warning, a reward or a large explosion. The good thing is that our simulations are forgiving so you can always try again.


3. Auto Email

Do you need your students to write reports on their virtual experiences? Do you want information on how they performed? Our auto-email system has what you need! With the auto-email system, all data collected from a simulation is only an email away.

4. Cognitive 3D


Want more concrete data from your simulation? Our partnership with Cognitive 3D has you covered! Use their heart rate monitoring to understand students' confidence levels. Track student's interactions to ensure they're following the correct process. Visualize a student's movement to see if they complete tasks ergonomically. This and so much more, all through Cognitive 3D.


5. Weather

If weather conditions were always perfect many jobs would be 10x easier. But we both know that’s not the case. That is why we have built weather systems to imitate snow, rain, heat and every weather condition in between. This ensures your students are prepared for anything mother nature throws at them.

6. Job Specific Tools


Does the job you’re training for require specific tools? To date, we have built camera tools, measurement tools, evidence classification tools and more. Whatever you need, let's talk about how we can build it!


8. Accessibility Features

Today’s workplace allows for people with a range of disabilities to succeed. So why doesn’t your training? Our simulations are built with audio, visual, physical and learning disabilities in mind. This includes closed captions, colour blind settings, control settings, instructions in multiple formats and more.

Contact us today to discuss what features your simulations will need.

If you rather start smaller than a custom simulation, we’re always happy to consult on 3rd party software. Check out our classroom package as an example.