Drew MacNeil

Co-Founder, COO

With an educational background in operations partnered with a passion for VR, Drew focuses on leading project management and process improvement initiatives.

Evan Sitler

Co-founder, CFO

As the lead of business and technological development, Evan Sitler has extensive experience with the latest VR equipment, software and 360 filming/editing software. He will work one on one to create custom solutions for your business.

Josh Egamino

Lead Programmer

Josh's passion for programming partnered with his experience in game design  and simulation development create the perfect combination for him to bring your ideas to (virtual) reality. 

Chris Rosati

Technical Artist

As a technical artist, Chris focuses his efforts into ensuring our simulations are hyper realistic.  This includes the creation of 3D assets, environments, shaders and scene transitions.

Harris Luckham

3D Artist

For assets of any size/detail, Harris specializes in creating realistic 3D models that amount to the majority of objects within our VR Simulations. His skills include 3D asset modelling, texturing, and animations. 

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